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A new education model

A new education model?

The new education model is on-demand. Sure.  When we hear it we go “doy” but if we really think about it, it gets even cooler.

I have said for years I do NOT want to teach my children syntactically. Rather conceptually. As in, less WHAT and more HOW. I believe that changes to human experience will start going so fast that I can not provide my children any future context. Theories at best.

So what does that practically mean? I am less concerned with anything that resembles facts or definitions. I don’t care of they can spell, I can’t and I do great. I don’t care of they can add up numbers, no one can anymore. I don’t believe the human mind was engineered for static growth, but exponential growth. It all depends on if we fill it with memorized tables or systematic concepts.

10 years from now, it might be considered a human sufferance to even claim you “own” something. I can’t predict it. It’s all going too fast now. But I know that my kids will learn and learn quickly. Here’s my prediction for the future of education.

The way you use spellchecker now, will be how you learn in the future. You will confidently follow plans and concepts knowing facts and syntax will be at your fingers each step of the way. Wolfram Alpha will be like a sixth sense. There will be frameworks and cautionary tales of not becoming unbalanced in your education.