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Jazz and business

I love jazz. I wouldn’t call myself a jazz musician by any means, but I have played around and love the performing arts. I have always seen a strong metaphor between Jazz and Business and I am not alone.

If you know a bit about jazz, then you know it was considered quite controversial at its onset. I am lucky to have jazz knowledge I would normally not, because of my life-long friendship with Sam Keenan. Sam was close friends and radio producer with the late Leigh Kamman, a genuine and great jazz media icon, RIP.

Jazz brings us in, and lets us know the players. Jazz was POST internet thinking BEFORE the Internet was even here. In a musical environment that had lived under a hierarchy of musical ownership for centuries. Players burst onto the scene, and made quite a show.

Prior to this movement a composer was typically all we would know by name. They & their owners, owned the music and the player was a functional workforce. Have you ever taken the time to learn an instrument well? It’s a lot of work. And if you are also blessed with the creative spirit, I can imagine it was hard to sit still and always play exactly to the sheet.

I am often struck by how many musicians go into creative technology as a profession. I have speculated it could be something that circles the practice of improvising within a set structure. Staying with the overall meter, while taking wild risks on chromatic runs between the beats and chord changes.

Jazz. There’s a song in there. A subtle structure. Maybe even a composer's name on the piece. But here, in the Jazz room, a new thing is happening right now, and we have the PLAYERS to thank for THAT.