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Myths about women in business

from my personal observations*

I have worked for or interacted with hundreds of corporations in the past 20 years and what I observed about working with women and men doesn’t line up with typical stereotypes;

  1. Women are lazy

    1. Actually I have seen women outproduce men in almost every case in terms of documents created and practical steps made towards an end goal

  2. Women are less intelligent

    1. Actually I have come to find some of the highest intelligence in corp America among women

    2. Many men, when they show me their work, I kinda go aha.. Yeah.. but in the case of many women I’m like woah, yeah, this is brilliant. You know the difference when you experience the intellectual mentorship, you just have to be open to it ;) cough, guys

    3. Some really smart women are quiet, you can only wonder why. Maybe if you give a quiet person room to speak and really listen you’ll find a gold mine you were overlooking, I found brilliance that organizations didn’t know they had, time and time again by accessing their quiet people’s insights.

  3. Women are erratic and unpredictable

    1. I once had a colleague invite me to lunch, get me day drunk, and help me stubble back to the office to get nothing done for the day, all for no reason

    2. I once had a colleague get abnormally upset about a problem at work that needed to be addressed and it caused more than usual urgency in me

    3. You guess which was male or female

    4. You guess which one I could learn to live with

  4. Women are cutthroat

    1. Yep

    2. But usually only in power, and guess what, so are men

    3. So, I guess it’s power, not gender :)

    4. Been screwed hard in business, list of women is shorter

    5. Be nice out there, and no, no law or contract is a license to be a ****

My guess is that, if we start paying women more, they're likely to keep showing up to work in more numbers. Long term, my guess would be that all this would lead to many of us men losing our jobs. The crazy thing is that I really don't care. A lot of us are selfish, lazy, entitled, jerks with over inflated confidence in our intelligence and leadership. End result, the company gets better work done. Wah.