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POST Internet thinking

It’s a fact, you can think of anything you want, anything at all and I will bet you I can show you there is a PRE and a POST internet version of it. Huh? Yeah. The internet quite possibly changed, EVERYTHING.

It’s the sort of thing that when you come to realize it fully, it makes you wonder. If that is true then I should almost “think” that way to adapt. How does one “think” in terms of PRE and POST internet models? A colleague recently challenged me to articulate PRE and POST internet models, I don't think I have it quite right but my gut answer was as follows:

  • PRE internet thinking says you can make, sell and distribute goods and services, and that you can ALSO broker them.

  • POST internet thinking says you can make, sell and distribute goods and services.

*This can be invalidated quickly if you consider who owns the Internet.

On one hand, I am sort of beating up on the folks in the middle. Bankers, Retailers, and others in the middle will likely invest hugely in service layers as a way to fend off the impending disillusion of their role in the transaction with high convenience service. But will this be enough? 

On the other hand, I like others question if we will EVER outgrow the need for SOME connectors and aggregators (middlemen), and do we find a way around them only when they act as fiscal gatekeepers?

I am curious about others thoughts on PRE and POST internet models, thinking and action plans. It seems that in business problem solving I am often led quickly to some indicator that what is causing the need for innovation was the internet in one way or another.