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The mantra and manifesto of my brand CAKE

MANTRA - cakeux.com

1.a “communications is the new human basic need”

1.b “visual curation during idea/work sharing is a bottleneck in information usability that needs to be solved for us to find the next big leap of inventiveness”

It seems we are in the "Information Age"...?

What we've seen so far:

In the information age, everything is about data and speed. If you can bring it to me faster (with more intelligent filters) and make it more accurate (derived of larger aggregate) I will bet on it, every time. We are suckers for this shit like anyone else. :)

It seems that soon. we will assign no work and build nothing, without first gathering around large amounts of data and quickly distilling it down into risk-mitigating proof-for-success of a yet unventured, venture.

We seem to have lost our imaginations. Yes, us Humans. Lost to the gods of fast-and-large data. Rarely stopping to consider how valid the data ever is. And if we do, it only sprouts paranoia around data validity.

Marketers, engineers, teachers, hell all of us. We all want to know, what really works. What really can give us the edge that everything so confidently promises us? Is it data? Is it valid data? Is it apps that churn, grind, and sift through more data faster?

Where is our salvation from this exponentiating cacophony? What will we leave to the humans to decide, based on their human experience? What will we free from being subject to our emotional human rationale?

If we continue rewarding quick wins, workarounds and the status quo. If we stay course with money for money's sake and growth for growth's sake, what sort of human experience will we we end up with? Are we actually willing to usher in the age of the "digital classes?" Do we want our world to become a place where a human’s ability to afford a particular app or some expensive data-stream will separate us from each other dramatically, even geographically? It is already here.

There are Youtube hits in the millions, all day regarding the impending artificial intelligence.... but it’s all spun like doomsday media. Cake rejects this notion. We can imagine ourselves at peace with something artificial that can "think like us?" Being able to think like a human, won't have to include imagination. These helpers should not need to make crazy unprecedented logic leaps into the cosmos and land on something that works. That can be for us to do. AI can be our brute force hero, our aid to the bigger questions. We will create our future, we will be the imaginative creators.

We spend our whole lives making sure we are not robots. The second we realize we are unknowingly fulfilling a stereotype, we immediately reject it and change course. Our search for individuality gives me hope that our robot future will not be drab colored slavery to the machine gods. No. I see a vibrant future where human imagination is center stage and we are finally at peace with our shortcomings, and we have made all things that can be…. digital.


Imagination is a source, we will depend on (for our lives) some day, if we are still willing to value it.

Service Design is about having imagination and about what human experience could be, by creating balance. Automation and data-informed decisions are key to finding balance, but we should refuse to apologize for the profound nature of imagination and it's ability to balance us more efficiently and elegantly. Imagination, can plot us further ahead.

Do you want someone to help with your Human centered design needs? We think knowing a lot about humans helps. What makes CAKE so good at it? We are humans, and as it turns out, the ones who are super good at doing Service Design & UX. Thus how we ended up here. We consider this mostly brute force work ethic, but also a healthy amount of being in the right place at the right time. Some people are amazing basketball players. Just not us.

Service design is about the long game. It's about fixing what breaks as linear and exponentiating systems that are yoked, lose sync with each other and impede each other. As technology and policy fork away from each other, all hell breaks lose. Resist the urge to buy technology and throw it at your problem. Be leary of creatively dancing your way right back to failure through misguided campaigns, instead redesign how you work completely.

"Every dollar spent on UX returns 2 to 100"

We Are Service Designers (and the world is just getting around to us)

  1. We refuse Duality, we will not enslave ourselves to polar opposites, and we will always find value in diversity.

  2. We refuse Nonsense, and reject multiplying or advocating any component for it's own sole sake.

  3. We reserve Love for humans, and Reason for all else.

  4. We believe in Community, because life is Self-Similar (fractals, scale), and we can make all life better, one community at a time.

Plot a new course, and plot yourself well out there. Soon enough, risk will mean a lot more than just your competitors, your IT surface-area, and your hired human error. Risk will be failing to embrace service design soon enough.

Year one has been great so far, we especially love this stuff you call.... CAKE. Shame it's so bad for our figure, after all not everyone is a fan of PI.