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Ideas in the shower

Electromagnetic fields have a dramatic effect on human bodies.

People who have worked with me professionally long enough have learned about an odd behavior of mine, and those who push me on it, get the really oddball answer for why. I prefer to not wear shoes when I am doing creative work. There’s not an ounce of my natural masculinity that enjoys wearing sandals around people I respect. It’s not fun for me, so it’s rarely done without a lot of trust. So, why exactly?

I can’t think with shoes on. Doesn’t matter if it’s leather, rubber, or synthetic. I go blank. (by comparison to being shoeless) Have you ever seen a picture of the human electromagnetic field? It’s like a toroid from your head to your feet. When I have shoes on I am putting a rubber cap on one end of my human EMF.

At home, where I really get my work done. I will kick them off, put on some Chopin, grab a marker and hit the whiteboard non-stop for hours, often long into the night. I have been asked more than once why I often come in with my creative work in the morning vs achieving it during the day at the office. Well that’s it.

Fluorescent lights. Can’t work under them. It’s like Kryptonite to my mind. Headaches ensue quickly. Dry vs humid weather. When my urine hits the toilet water and I am suddenly connected to the EMF of the toilet for a moment. When I am wet in the shower. Swimming. Sweating. All these things are effecting the flow of of my human EMF, it’s bandwidth, amplitude, and range. Other people standing near you reshapes, shifts and alters your EMF.

I have considered building a “thinking stand” - kinda like a hunting stand for ideas. The concept would be to drive a copper rod with a flat plate into a tree stump (or natural aquifer of some kind) and then build a small wading pool around the copper plate. Standing in a few inches of water on a copper plate that’s been driven as far into the tree root as possible. Becoming one giant EMF for meditation time.

Oh, I don’t wear hats during creative work either. :)

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