A digital consultant living in Minneapolis


Choices, choices. At Polaris you can build your dream ATV in stunning, rotating 3D. And so can your boyfriend. And you can both do it on your smartphone.

Polaris had a visionary UX leader pushing the boundaries of experience delivery online and mobile. Using new 3D capabilities, an exciting new product configurator was underway. It involved a high level of complexity—there are thousands of ways to configure your dream ATV at Polaris.

I came in to help keep the in-house UX team activated day-to-day, led collaboration exercises, and white boarded with team members whenever we got stuck. I focused on centralizing the team’s understanding of the work to help everyone "cut once" on a tight timeline. We made a lot happen quickly, and everyone was energized by doing something for Polaris that only one elite car company had taken to market.